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Weight loss tracker – BMI Monitor

Why is losing weight so difficult?
Most of the times is because it’s hard to keep track of your evolution and understand what is it that works for you. We are all different and so, for some of us just doing a bit of exercise does the trick but for the other this “game” is a little bit more difficult. Depending on your body and metabolism it might be that you need to keep strict diets combined with all kind of exercises.

To make this weight loss process a bit more organised and easy to manage, we want to share with you a weight tracking & monitoring mobile application. This app is not only a great tool that promises to help you track your weight progress and reach your health goals but it also provides a very useful BMI(body mass indicator) calculator tool that helps you understand your body to weight ration and what are the normal ranges. On top of that it can be your perfect weight log where you write down all your ideas, things that you noticed and things that work best for you.

Some of the great features that this application provides:
– great weight tracking tool
– charts with your weight progress
– possibility to set up weight goals
– photo functionality for before and after albums
BMI calculator with all available ranges
– calendar view that helps you better visualize your notes/remarks
– diary like capabilities for you to put down your thoughts and ideas
– useful reminders – always remember to register your weight
– multiple units of measurement
– multiple languages – no matter where are you on the globe this app can be your best friend
– password protected – just in case you need it

Losing weight and getting in shape is never easy but having the right tools can make it a little bit more manageable.

Best of luck!

Price : Free
Available on Android

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You wanna find out more?
Web : https://weightandbmi.com/
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Weight-Tracker-BMI-Calculator-1246884042073951/